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Name:Sir Nevil Airey Stent
Birthdate:Jan 10
Location:United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Sir Nevil Airey Stent is a fictional character from Kim Newman's "The Red Planet League" (found in the anthology Gaslight Grimoire and the novel The Hound of the D'Urbervilles). His name and character are a mix of fictional and historical Astronomers Royal: Nevil Maskelyne (1732-1811), George Biddell Airy (1801-1892), and Stent (the A.R. destroyed by Martians in The War of the Worlds). Muse and mun are both well over 18. I do not own Stent or his various historical and fictional antecedents, nor am I actually a mad Victorian mathematician-astronomer. I'm also not Kim Newman and am making no profit from this journal.

I also play Stent on LJ under the same name (astronomerroyal), and may crosspost bits of headcanon and interesting links from time to time. Most of the images I use for Stent are taken from historical portraits of George Biddell Airy and Greenwich Observatory during the 19th century.

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astronomy, greenwich observatory, james moriarty, mars, marsian invasions, mathematics, not being pelted by hellish vampire squid, optics, the royal society
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